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& Mastering Your Wellbeing

Doug Kalunian is a retired physician turned online entrepreneur and AI-powered business coach.

His life calling, since around age 6 has always been to help improve the lives of others. After dedicating 30 years to medicine, he retired in 2017 to focus on caring for his father, who was 94 at the time and still living at home.

Throughout his career, Doug has been a devoted teacher, educating the public, medical students, physicians, and other medical caregivers on healthcare, mindset, and emotional wellbeing.

For several years, he chaired the clinical practice committee of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry and served on its board of directors in addition to designing and running clinical trials at a major pharmaceutical company.

Driven by a passion for teaching and promoting wellbeing, Doug sought to continue his mission of helping others, even after retiring from medicine.

He leveraged his experience in managing work-life balance, learning how to create, build, and market businesses from scratch, and maintaining work-life balance to guide his new journey, he considered starting an online business.

Recognizing his knack for entrepreneurship and technology through the successful launch of several businesses, including online side hustles, Doug embraced the potential of Artificial Intelligence when it was introduced worldwide in 2022.

This realization led him to become one of the first to be trained and certified in creating books and sales funnels using AI.

Doug founded Mastering Your Wellbeing Inc, drawing on his lifelong commitment to enhancing personal and professional lives.

However, given that he's no longer practicing medicine, his focus is now on improving lives by helping teach strategies to create, grow, and launch side hustle business quicker and easier using the Power of AI.

This strategy not only creates an added source of income, but doing so more quickly and efficiently using AI, creates more free time and increased financial freedom. As a result, this can lead to improved personal and professional wellbeing.

Adding to the benefits, it becomes a win-win situation, since - with the Power of AI - you're able to more quickly and easily create, launch, and market your products that can help improve the lives of your ideal customers.

The goals is to more quickly and easily create a source of added income (and improved personal and professional life) for you, while being able to provide products and solutions for others - all using the Power of AI.

Doug’s flagship program, AI Entrepreneur U: The AI-Powered Side Hustle Startup Program, offers step-by-step guidance on how to prompt AI to develop business ideas and products that align with your personal passions, interests, and skills and meets the needs in the market.

The program also covers how to transform those ideas into marketable digital products and effective strategies for launching and marketing them online.

Doug’s goal is to empower people who want more out of their lives - those eager to boost their income while making a positive impact on the lives of others by sharing their unique talents and passions, providing products or solutions that others are searching for.

Given his mission of helping and inspiring people to Master their Wellbeing, Doug created the AI Entrepreneur U Program as part of Mastering Your Wellbeing Inc. It teaches strategies to transform passions and dreams into reality by providing easily customizable prompts to build and launch a side hustle using the Power of AI, whether or not you have any prior experience with AI.

The program’s easy to follow instructions and prompts help make business creation, marketing and launching exciting, faster, and easier, greatly increasing the likelihood of turning your passions and dreams into reality.

To learn more about how you can transform your passion and skills into a thriving online business, click  the button below. 

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